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You signed out in another tab or window.I see a number of questions on the wxPython mailing list or its IRC channel about communicating between frames and most of the time what the developer needs is the PubSub module. You can read about it here. In wxPython land, we have the pubsub module which can be accessed from wx.

An alternative to pubsub is the PyDispatcher module. Other times, I need to just tell one of my frames that the other one has closed. In these two cases, pubsub comes riding to the rescue. The following example will actually demonstrate a solution to both of these issues.

Our first stop in the tour of this code is in the MainPanel class. Take note of the following line:. The message can be a list of objects or just a single object. Back in the MainPanelthe showFrame method gets called.

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In this method we extract the data sent through pubsub via its data property. The newest pubsub has a slightly different API which you can check out in its cookbook. The newest API is available as of wxPython 2. Note: I had some trouble creating a binary with the newest pubsub because I was using a slightly older API. See this thread for details and for some possible workarounds. Now you know the basics of using pubsub in your project.

This example shows how to communicate between two frames even when one is hidden! It also shows how to pass information from one frame to the other.

Have fun! Bind wx. BoxSizer wx.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

I have a simple python script that uses Google pubsub to detect new files in the google cloud storage. The script simply adds new messages to a queue where another thread processes those messages:. The problem I am having is that after a while maybe a couple of daysthe subscriber stops receiving new file notifications. If I stop and restart the script, it gets all of the notifications at once.

If your problem does not fall into one of those categories, it would be best to reach out to Google Cloud support with your project name, topic name, and subscription name so that they can narrow down the issue to either your user code, the client library, or the service. These Cloud Functions act as subscriptions and will get notified every time a certain event such as a message being published occurs. Learn more. Asked 2 years, 4 months ago. Active 9 months ago. Viewed 2k times. I am using google-cloud 0.

Sammael Sammael 63 9 9 bronze badges. I see you are using a pull subscriber to retrieve the messages. Have you considered adding flow control functionality to control the rate the messages are being received by the subscriber?

Feb 27 '18 at I understand that flow control is mainly used for limiting the number of messages that a subscriber receives e.

How to: Scale Real-Time Applications Using Redis Pub/Sub

My application has a very low message rate messages an hour or soso I'm not worried about congestion. In fact, what I'm trying to do sounds like the opposite: to make sure that I get all the messages.

Your suggestion in your other answer is quite interesting and something that I definitely would like to try out. Active Oldest Votes. In general, there can be several reasons why a subscriber may stop receiving messages: If a subscriber does not ack or nack messages, the flow control limits can be reached, meaning no more messages can be delivered.

This does not seem to be the case in your particular instance given that you immediately ack messages. As an aside, I would recommend against acking messages before your queue has processed them unless you are okay with the possibility of messages not being processed. Otherwise, if your app crashes after the ack, but before the message queue processes them, you will have not processed the message and will not get it redelivered since it was acked.

If another subscriber starts up for the same subscription, it could be receiving the messages. In this scenario, one would expect the subscriber to receive a subset of the messages rather than no messages at all.For an overview and comparison of pull and push subscriptions, see the Subscriber Overview.

This document describes pull delivery. For a discussion of push delivery, see the Push Subscriber Guide. Using asynchronous pulling provides higher throughput in your application, by not requiring your application to block for new messages.

Messages can be received in your application using a long running message listener, and acknowledged one message at a time, as shown in the example below. Java, Python.

Not all client libraries support asynchronously pulling messages. To learn about synchronously pulling messages, see Synchronous Pull. For more information, see the API Reference documentation in your programming language. Before trying this sample, follow the Node. Before trying this sample, follow the Python setup instructions in Quickstart: Using Client Libraries.

This sample shows how to pull messages asynchronously and retrieve the custom attributes from metadata:. In this case:. It's possible that one client could have a backlog of messages because it doesn't have the capacity to process the volume of incoming messages, but another client on the network does have that capacity.

The second client could reduce the subscription's backlog, but it doesn't get the chance to do so because the first client maintains a lease on the messages that it receives. This reduces the overall rate of processing because messages get stuck on the first client. Because the client library repeatedly extends the acknowledgement deadline for backlogged messages, those messages continue to consume memory, CPU, and bandwidth resources.

As such, the subscriber client might run out of resources such as memory. This can adversely impact the throughput and latency of processing messages. To mitigate the issues above, use the flow control features of the subscriber to control the rate at which the subscriber receives messages. These flow control features are illustrated in the following samples:. More generally, the need for flow control indicates that messages are being published at a higher rate than they are being consumed.

If this is a persistent state, rather than a transient spike in message volume, consider increasing the number of subscriber client instances.

Support for concurrency depends on your programming language. For language implementations that support parallel threads, such as Java and Go, the client libraries make a default choice for the number of threads. This choice may not be optimal for your application.

For example, if you find that your subscriber application is not keeping up with the incoming message volume but is not CPU-bound, you should increase the thread count. For CPU-intensive message processing operations, reducing the number of threads might be appropriate. Refer to the API Reference documentation for more information. Where possible, the Cloud Client libraries use StreamingPull for maximum throughput and lowest latency.

Although you might never use the StreamingPull API directly, it is important to understand some crucial properties of StreamingPull and how it differs from the more traditional Pull method.

The StreamingPull service API relies on a persistent bidirectional connection to receive multiple messages as they become available:.

StreamingPull streams are always terminated with a non-OK status. Note that, unlike in regular RPCs, the status here is simply an indication that the stream has been broken, not that requests are failing. Because StreamingPull streams always terminate with an error, it isn't helpful to examine stream termination metrics while diagnosing errors.You can use this feature to improve the performance of your application.

It allows you to eliminate the extra network and compute costs involved with polling resources to determine if they have changed.

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Whenever a mailbox changes, the Gmail API notifies your backend server application. This allows notification via a variety of methods including webhooks and polling on a single subscription endpoint. The topic name can be any name you choose under your project i. Configure the subscription type to be either a webhook push i. This is how your application will receive notifications for updates. To do this, you need to grant publish privileges to gmail-api-push system. To do so, provide the topic name created above and any other options in your watch request, such as labels to filter on.

For example, to be notified any time a change is made to the Inbox:. If the watch request is successful you will receive a response like:.

Tutorial on wxPython 4 and PubSub

All changes after that historyId will be notified to your client. If you need to process changes prior to this historyIdrefer to the sync guide. You must re-call watch at least every 7 days or else you will stop receiving updates for the user. We recommend calling watch once per day. The watch response also has an expiration field with the timestamp for the watch expiration. Whenever a mailbox update occurs that matches your watchyour application will receive a notification message describing the change.

That message. You can then use history. If using webhook delivery, then responding successfully e.

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HTTP will acknowledge it. If using pull then you must then follow up with an acknowledge call. If the notifications are not acknowledged e. To stop receiving updates on a mailbox, call stop and all new notifications should stop within a few minutes. Any user notifications above that rate will be dropped.

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Be careful when handling notifications to be sure not to trigger another notification, and thereby start a notification loop. Typically all notifications should be delivered reliably within a few seconds; however in some extreme situations notifications may be delayed or dropped. Make sure to handle this possibility gracefully, so that the application still syncs even if no push messages are received. For example, fall back to periodically calling history. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Home Guides Reference Samples Support. Overview Quickstarts.Comment 0. The Publish-Subscribe pattern is pretty common in computer science and very useful too.

The wxPython GUI toolkit has had an implementation of it for a very long time in wx. This implementation is based on the PyPubSub package. While you could always download PyPubSub and use it directly instead, it was nice to be able to just run wxPython without an additional dependency. However, as of wxPython 4. Let's take an example from my previous article on this topic and update it for using PyPubSub instead:. As long as you are using wxPython 2. If you were stuck using wxPython 2.

If you are using wxPython 2. I personally really liked using wx. However, if you've ever wanted to try another package, like PyDispatcher, this would be as good a time as any to do so. See the original article here. Over a million developers have joined DZone. Let's be friends:. Tutorial on wxPython 4 and PubSub. DZone 's Guide to. We take a look at how to use the publish-subscribe pattern in Python with the help of the PyPubSub or PyDispatcher packages.

Free Resource. Like 2.

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Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. Join For Free. Here's how to do it: pip install pypubsub PyPubSub should install quite quickly. Once it's done, let's find out how to use it! Using PyPubSub Let's take an example from my previous article on this topic and update it for using PyPubSub instead: import wx from pubsub import pub class OtherFrame wx.

Bind wx. BoxSizer wx.Must not be empty.

pubsub push python

Request for the DeleteTopic method. Request for the ListSubscriptions method. Response for the ListSubscriptions method. Subscription ] — The subscriptions that match the request.

google-cloud-pubsub 1.7.0

Request for the ListTopicSubscriptions method. Response for the ListTopicSubscriptions method. Request for the ListTopics method. Response for the ListTopics method. Topic ] — The resulting topics. For example, if the value is 10, the new ack deadline will expire 10 seconds after the ModifyAckDeadline call was made. Specifying zero may immediately make the message available for another pull request.

PushConfig — The push configuration for future deliveries.

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PubsubMessage ] — The messages to publish. IDs are guaranteed to be unique within the topic. A message data and its attributes. The message payload must not be empty; it must contain either a non-empty data field, or at least one attribute. For JSON requests, the value of this field must be baseencoded.

AttributesEntry ] — Optional attributes for this message. Guaranteed to be unique within the topic.

pubsub push python

This value may be read by a subscriber that receives a PubsubMessage via a Pull call or a push delivery. It must not be populated by the publisher in a Publish call.

pubsub push python

Timestamp — The time at which the message was published, populated by the server when it receives the Publish call. Otherwise the system is allowed to wait until at least one message is available rather than returning no messages.

The client may cancel the request if it does not wish to wait any longer for the response. AttributesEntry ] — Endpoint configuration attributes.

Every endpoint has a set of API supported attributes that can be used to control different aspects of the message delivery. The currently supported attribute is x-goog-versionwhich you can use to change the format of the push message. This attribute indicates the version of the data expected by the endpoint. This controls the shape of the envelope i. If not present during the CreateSubscription call, it will default to the version of the API used to make such call.

If not present during a ModifyPushConfig call, its value will not be changed. GetSubscription calls will always return a valid version, even if the subscription was created without this attribute.

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